Complete web site solution:

from: design (by an experienced, qualified Graphic Designer) trough development-phase (in-house programming) to hosting - all in one package.

Our starting point for your web site is: your product, image and target customers. We consider modern trends and strategies and keep in mind the conventions of proper wed design - web sites should load quickly and must be understood in seconds. Communication and ease of use is the key - not cheap tricks.

Our wed development system is a proper and safe web application creation system and not noisy flickering multi media pages - which violates many proper web design rules.

We do not use 3rd party add-ons that need to be loaded first (by your user) - before your user can view your page - except in rare instances. Many users are uncomfortable with loading add-ons and impatient (add-ons cause major web loading delays). Modern anti virus programs often prevents non pure web pages to open properly as they are potential treats to your user's computer.

Our prices are exceptionally cheap!

Standard web sites: Up to 4 pages - All most companies need.

  •   FREE!    Initial professional design and all setup.
  •   FREE!    Anual site revamp. Internet users can see if a site haven’t been worked on for a long time.
  •   FREE!    Up to 5 mail boxes or 50Mb disk capacity. Upgradeable
  •   FREE!    Maintanace and backup.
  •   Complete - fully functional - properly designed website - connected to the World Wide Web ALL for:   R 100 pm (South Africa) $15 US international.

We do Advanced sites also: Database support etc...

Please e-mail all Inquiries to: sales@busweb.org
  • We monitor and maintain your site on a daily bases.
  • We backup your site and data.
  • Host 99.9% up time.